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20 February 1982
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Hello, I'm Luana, from Italy, and since I really love writing I decided to open a live journal, even if I don't have the slightest idea about how it works.. I'll learn as I use it, eh, eh !

usually, I visit just forums, but life is made to try new stuff, so let's try , lol ! ;)

I already tell you, sorry for my bad english, although I try my best...

my favourite bands are Muse and Placebo , I put both of them as my number 1, although muse have that special something more I can't describe... ;)
my number 2 (even ) are blink-182, Greenday and Good Charlotte.
I also like a lot the Killers, Angels&Airwaves, +44, MCR, Linking Park, Maroon 5, Simple Plan ...

about movies , I love romantic comedies, demential comedies.. in a word, comedies ! and also some horrors, but just about vampires . Anyway I really HATE unhappy endings, about everything, movies, books, fan fictions, even songs!

if you wanna know more about me.. just ask ! ;)

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